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A Camera Operator

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Steadicam / A Camera Operator Reel


MEM Background


After being in the Air Force, I attended  University of Miami.  I played football and won a National Championship.  I studied film/TV production.  My nationality is part  Cherokee Indian.  Although, I was raised in England because my father was in the Air Force (now retired)   After college, I worked in two different camera rental houses learning everything I could.  Worked my way up the ranks to be a  Steadicam,  A Camera Operator which is the career of my dreams.  

MEM Specialties


Second Unit Director of Photography, Second Unit Cameraman, A Camera Operator, Steadicam Operator, Low Mode Steadicam Operator, Hot Head Operator. Remote Head Operator, Underwater Camera Operator, 

PADI Certified Instructor  Horsemanship Motorcycle Rollerblade Camera Operator, Martial  Artist Helicopter Hand Held Private Pilot (testing)                                 

What to Expect


What ever vision you want I will deliver.  If you need the impossible I am your guy!  Steadicam Camera operator A Camera Operator Director of Photography/

FEATURES (Selected Credits):

SAN ANDREAS: San Francisco 2nd Unit A Camera/Steadicam

FAST AND FURIOUS 7: Texture Camera Unit, 2nd unit B Camera/Steadicam, RACE WARS 1st unit B and A Camera/ Steadicam

Director James Wan DP Stephen Windon DP Mark Spicer

SCARY MOVIE 5: A Camera/Steadicam Director: Malcolm Lee DP: Steve Smith

LONE SURVIVOR: 2ND Unit Action Unit, Steadicam Director: Kevin Scott

2 GUNS (2nd Unit Dayplayer) Universal: Camera/Steadicam Director: Baltasar Kormakur DP:Duane Manwiller

BULLET TO THE HEAD Warner Bros: A Camera/Steadicam Director: Walter Hill DP: Lloyd Ahern

DARLING COMPANION A Likely Story: A Camera/Steadicam Director: Larry Kasdan DP: Michael McDonough

HOT TUB TIME MACHINE MGM: A Camera/Steadicam (Add’l Photography) Director: Steve Pink DP: Jack Green

AREA 51 Blumhouse Productions: Steadicam Director: Oren Peli DP: Oren Peli

ZOOM (Add’l Photography) Revolution Studios: A Camera/Steadicam Director: Peter Hewitt DP: Jack Green

INVINCIBLE Universal Pictures: A Camera/Steadicam (First 3 weeks) Director: Ericson Core DP: Ericson Core

SERENITY Universal Pictures: A Camera/Steadicam Director: Joss Whedon DP: Jack Green

FAT ALBERT 20th Century Fox: Steadicam (Day Player) Director: Joel Zwick DP: Paul Elliot

THE CLEARING Fox Searchlight: Steadicam/Add’l Camera Director: Pieter Jan Brugge DP: Denis Lenoir

OLD SCHOOL DreamWorks: Steadicam (Day Player) Director: Todd Phillips DP: Mark Irwin

SERVING SARA Paramount Pictures: A Camera/Steadicam (Last 3 weeks) Director: Reginald Hudlin DP: Robert Brinkmann

A MAN APART New Line Cinema: B Camera/Steadicam Director: F. Gary Gray DP: Jack Green

THE HOLLOW MAN Columbia Pictures: B Camera/Steadicam Director: Paul Verhoeven DP: Jost Vacano

DEEP BLUE SEA Warner Bros: B Camera/Steadicam Director: Renny Harlin DP: Steve Windon

THE PARENT TRAP Walt Disney Pictures: B Camera/ Steadicam (Day Player) Director: Nancy Meyers DP: Dean Cundey

PRIMARY COLORS Universal Pictures: B Camera/Steadicam Director: Mike Nichols DP: Michael Ballhaus

THE X-FILES MOVIE 20th Century Fox: B Camera/Steadicam Director: Rob Bowman DP: Ward Russell

AIR FORCE ONE Columbia Pictures: B Camera/Steadicam Director: Wolfgang Petersen DP: Michael Ballhaus

STARSHIP TROOPERS Walt Disney/TriStar: B Camera/Steadicam Director: Paul Verhoeven DP: Jost Vacano

TELEVISION (Selected Credits)

MacGyver CBS A Camera/Steadicam

CODE BLACK, ABC for CBS, A Camera/Steadicam DP Spencer Combs

AMERICAN HORROR STORY (First Episode), A Camera/Steadicam DP Michael Goy

JUSTIFIED, The Final Season (Odd Episodes), B Camera/Steadicam DP Attila Szalay

NCIS (day player, Seasons 3-12) CBS Television DP William Webb, Christos Bitsakos

MAJOR CRIMES (day player) TNT DP David Harpo, Kenneth Zunder

SCORPION (day player) CBS Television DP Bob LaBonge

ARMY WIVES (Seasons5-6) ABC Television DP: Bob LaBonge

AWAKE (Pilot) Fox Television DP: Jo Willems

NO ORDINARY FAMILY (day player) ABC Television DP: Lloyd Ahern

COMMUNITY (day player) Sony Television DP: Gary Hatfield

NEVER FAIL (Pilot) Cartoon Network DP: Lloyd Ahern

IT TAKES A VILLAGE (Pilot) ABC Television DP: Lloyd Ahern

ARMY WIVES (Seasons 2 & 3) ABC Television DP: Lloyd Ahern

MADSO’S WAR (Pilot) MGM TV DP: Lloyd Ahern

UNHITCHED (Season 1) 20th Century Fox Television DP: Peter Smokler

NOTES FROM UNDERBELLY (Pilot) Warner Bros. Television DP: Fred Murphy

SIDE ORDER OF LIFE (Pilot) Warner Horizon Television DP: Clark Mathis

COOKED (Pilot) Sony Television DP: Bruce Finn

SEX, LIES, & SECRETS (Pilot) Paramount Television DP: Cynthia Bergstrom

GREY’S ANATOMY (Pilot) ABC Television DP: Jeff Jur

THE BEAST (Pilot) Imagine TV DP: Chuck Minsky

COMMERCIALS (Selected Credits)

WENDYS DP Mark Plummer

OLAY DP Pieter Vermeer

ESPN DP Rob Richardson




Steadicam A Cameraman

Mark Emery Moore

Los Angeles, California, United States

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