Steadicam A Camera Operator

FEATURES (Selected Credits):

SAN ANDREAS: San Francisco 2nd Unit A Camera/Steadicam

FAST AND FURIOUS 7: Texture Camera Unit, 2nd unit B Camera/Steadicam, RACE WARS 1st unit B and A Camera/ Steadicam

Director James Wan DP Stephen Windon DP Mark Spicer

SCARY MOVIE 5: A Camera/Steadicam Director: Malcolm Lee DP: Steve Smith

LONE SURVIVOR: 2ND Unit Action Unit, Steadicam Director: Kevin Scott

2 GUNS (2nd Unit Dayplayer) Universal: Camera/Steadicam Director: Baltasar Kormakur DP:Duane Manwiller

BULLET TO THE HEAD Warner Bros: A Camera/Steadicam Director: Walter Hill DP: Lloyd Ahern

DARLING COMPANION A Likely Story: A Camera/Steadicam Director: Larry Kasdan DP: Michael McDonough

HOT TUB TIME MACHINE MGM: A Camera/Steadicam (Add’l Photography) Director: Steve Pink DP: Jack Green

AREA 51 Blumhouse Productions: Steadicam Director: Oren Peli DP: Oren Peli

ZOOM (Add’l Photography) Revolution Studios: A Camera/Steadicam Director: Peter Hewitt DP: Jack Green

INVINCIBLE Universal Pictures: A Camera/Steadicam (First 3 weeks) Director: Ericson Core DP: Ericson Core

SERENITY Universal Pictures: A Camera/Steadicam Director: Joss Whedon DP: Jack Green

FAT ALBERT 20th Century Fox: Steadicam (Day Player) Director: Joel Zwick DP: Paul Elliot

THE CLEARING Fox Searchlight: Steadicam/Add’l Camera Director: Pieter Jan Brugge DP: Denis Lenoir

OLD SCHOOL DreamWorks: Steadicam (Day Player) Director: Todd Phillips DP: Mark Irwin

SERVING SARA Paramount Pictures: A Camera/Steadicam (Last 3 weeks) Director: Reginald Hudlin DP: Robert Brinkmann

A MAN APART New Line Cinema: B Camera/Steadicam Director: F. Gary Gray DP: Jack Green

THE HOLLOW MAN Columbia Pictures: B Camera/Steadicam Director: Paul Verhoeven DP: Jost Vacano

DEEP BLUE SEA Warner Bros: B Camera/Steadicam Director: Renny Harlin DP: Steve Windon

THE PARENT TRAP Walt Disney Pictures: B Camera/ Steadicam (Day Player) Director: Nancy Meyers DP: Dean Cundey

PRIMARY COLORS Universal Pictures: B Camera/Steadicam Director: Mike Nichols DP: Michael Ballhaus

THE X-FILES MOVIE 20th Century Fox: B Camera/Steadicam Director: Rob Bowman DP: Ward Russell

AIR FORCE ONE Columbia Pictures: B Camera/Steadicam Director: Wolfgang Petersen DP: Michael Ballhaus

STARSHIP TROOPERS Walt Disney/TriStar: B Camera/Steadicam Director: Paul Verhoeven DP: Jost Vacano

TELEVISION (Selected Credits)

Rel Fox Steadicam  DP George Mooradian

The Fix ABC Pilot  A Camera/ Steadicam DP Bob Humphreys  

The Runaways  2 /U  A Camera/ Steadicam DP Dave Perkel 

MacGyver CBS, A Camera/Steadicam DP Peter Levy

CODE BLACK, ABC for CBS, A Camera/Steadicam DP Spencer Combs

AMERICAN HORROR STORY (First Episode), A Camera/Steadicam DP Michael Goy

JUSTIFIED, The Final Season (Odd Episodes), B Camera/Steadicam DP Attila Szalay

NCIS (day player, Seasons 3-12) CBS Television DP William Webb, Christos Bitsakos

MAJOR CRIMES (day player) TNT DP David Harpo, Kenneth Zunder

SCORPION (day player) CBS Television DP Bob LaBonge

ARMY WIVES (Seasons5-6) ABC Television DP: Bob LaBonge

AWAKE (Pilot) Fox Television DP: Jo Willems

NO ORDINARY FAMILY (day player) ABC Television DP: Lloyd Ahern

COMMUNITY (day player) Sony Television DP: Gary Hatfield

NEVER FAIL (Pilot) Cartoon Network DP: Lloyd Ahern

IT TAKES A VILLAGE (Pilot) ABC Television DP: Lloyd Ahern

ARMY WIVES (Seasons 2 & 3) ABC Television DP: Lloyd Ahern

MADSO’S WAR (Pilot) MGM TV DP: Lloyd Ahern

UNHITCHED (Season 1) 20th Century Fox Television DP: Peter Smokler

NOTES FROM UNDERBELLY (Pilot) Warner Bros. Television DP: Fred Murphy

SIDE ORDER OF LIFE (Pilot) Warner Horizon Television DP: Clark Mathis

COOKED (Pilot) Sony Television DP: Bruce Finn

SEX, LIES, & SECRETS (Pilot) Paramount Television DP: Cynthia Bergstrom

GREY’S ANATOMY (Pilot) ABC Television DP: Jeff Jur

THE BEAST (Pilot) Imagine TV DP: Chuck Minsky

COMMERCIALS (Selected Credits)

WENDYS DP Mark Plummer

OLAY DP Pieter Vermeer

ESPN DP Rob Richardson



Mark Emery Moore  S.O.C.

Steadicam Operator/Camera Operator


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